Horizon Mobility are the only genuine British manufacturer of a range of mobility scooters


Horizon HQ Building photo
Horizon Mobility British manufacturer of mobility scooters have been designing, manufacturing and producing exceptional mobility scooters since 1992. Since then, the Horizon range has gone through a number of updates before becoming what it is today: the standard that other mobility scooters aspire to. 
The road to this success is laid out below.



In the early nineties, the prototype Horizon Mobility scooter was designed in Cornwall. These blueprints would eventually become the basis for the most powerful mobility scooter in the world.


The first Horizon Aztec was built, with the first Saxon and Mayan models appearing a year later.


Shortly before the millennium, the entire range was redesigned. This ushered in a new standard in mobility scooters.


A further redesign created the sleek tubular design we know today. This allowed the range to be both sleek and robust, taking on a range of tasks. From going to the shops to going off-road, these models became the go-to choice for those wanting more from their mobility scooters.


Horizon Mobility moved into the hire of mobility equipment, quickly becoming one of the largest of its kind in the UK.


The Mayan scooter was updated, becoming the world’s first and only three phase AC powered mobility scooter.


The Horizon Mobility Series 3 range is introduced to the world. Nearly thirty years since the first mobility scooters were produced, Horizon scooters are still designed and built by the same family in the UK. By continually developing and improving, they ensure comfort, quality and consistency in every scooter.

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