Horizon Aztec S3 Off Road Scooter

THE World-First Power Steering MOBILITY SCOOTER 

Horizon Aztec S3 Off Road Scooter


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Horizon Aztec S3 Off Road Scooter
Off Road All Terrain Mobility Scooter
British built & designed
LED lighting for safety
8mph on and off road scooter
Maximum user weight of 32 stone(203 Kg)
All round suspension
All new series 3 model
Optional power steering
Horizon Aztec S3 Off Road Scooter: Brand New Design
Horizon Aztec S3 Off Road Scooter is a BRAND NEW model of offroad mobility scooter, delivering comfort and power. This British built mobility scooter can be used both on the road and off road, with a top speed of 8mph for road use. With front and rear off road tyres, you will have no problem getting up or down kerbs and over bumpy ground. It is ideal for trips out to the countryside, over fields & hills or through the woods. This rental all terrain scooter is perfect for the everyday activities you need to do as well as opening up the more extraordinary. With a maximum user weight of 32 stone (203kg) it’s suitable for larger users as well.

Power Steering For Easy Driving
A brillant, innovative new feature of the series 3 mobility scooter models is the optional power steering. Power steering makes this powerful scooter easy to drive, especially if you are struggling with limited dexterity or strength in your arms. Such as for people who are suffering with arthritis or recovering from a stroke.

There is no fighting the steering when you go over bumps or rougher terrain. The power steering smooths out your ride and eliminates the vibrations that travel up the steering shaft when travelling over bumps and uneven ground. Power steering also means you can navigate those tighter turns and corners with the lightest of touches. Power steering in this mobility scooter is a real asset!

Suspension Built to Last
The all new series 3 Horizon Aztec all terrain scooter has superb all round full suspension to ensure you have a smooth and comfortable ride even when traveling over rougher terrains and uneven surfaces. The independent suspension works to soften and dampen the bumps you might feel when out on your adventures. Whether you are travelling over grass, up and down hills or popping to town for those everyday tasks the Aztec will take you there in ultimate comfort.

Be Safe & Be Seen
You can be safe and be seen with the Aztec offroad mobility scooter thanks to its LED front and rear lights. Visibility to other road users is so important when travelling out and about in low lighting, making sure they can see you and then you can see them.

You can switch easily between speed modes at the flick of a switch so this mobility scooter can be used on the pavements or on the road, depending on where you want to go.

Short Term & Long Term Rental Horizon Aztec S3 Off Road Scooter
This rental mobility scooter is British designed and built, so you can be assured of its quality and safety at all times.

Also available as an “Off-Road” model for those who want adventure and to travel over grass and rougher terrain. See our Off-Road range here.

The Horizon series of mobility scooters are top of the range mobility scooters suitable for a variety of activities. This model is suitable for road, pavement and off-road use. So why not hire one today and experience the difference it can make to your life?

You can take a look at the rest of the Horizon range here.

Products may vary in model and colour (unless specifically requested)


Total width: 29.0inch
Total length: 59.8inch
Total height: 56.2inch
Maximum obstacle climb: 4.00inch
Minimum turn radius: 65.3inch
Maximum gradient manoeuvring: 1:4 (16%)
Dimensions of standard C1 seat: 19.00inch Seat Width x 17.75inch Seat Depth x 27.50inch Seat Height with Headrest OR 20.00inch Seat Height w/o Headrest
Maximum speed: Mode 1: 4.00mph
Mode 2: 8.00mph
Total weight (ex. batteries): 17.6stones
Max user weight: 32.0stones
Battery requirements: Standard Batteries: 2 x 75Ah sealed
Optional Batteries: 2 x 100Ah
Standard Charger: 24v / 8A
All product measurements are given in metric and imperial. Metric measurements may vary + or – 0.5cm, imperial measurements are approximate.


Steepest Street in the World!

Going Off-road at the seaside


For fleet purchase products we offer a three-month warranty.  Powered products come with new batteries.

For new purchase products we offer one years’ warranty.


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